Welcome To Dr. KPC Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.


Dr. KPC Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd, with expertise in chemico-biology ‘hand-in-hand’, has taken a confident footstep ahead with the conviction of globalization of research through partnership. We, are also keenly interested in improvement of healthcare (and cure, as well) and enhancement of life-quality. In reference to the abiding contribution of your pioneer establishment toward global health care, enhancement in life-quality through innovations and commitment toward populace and environment, our range of products and time-bound impartment of services would definitely make significant contribution toward manufacturing of pharmaceutical medicines, vaccines and health-care consumables.


Over the years India has developed an extensive network producing a large pool of well trained scientists, technologists, managers & administrators. An aspirant team, composed of such professionals indulges by the passionate surgeon turned entrepreneur started providing Chemistry and Biology services along with manufacturing research reagents and kits at most attractive pricing with uncompromised quality from special economic interest.


One of the major inspirations of Dr. KPC Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is to success in the arena of 7.0 billion USD from healthcare business of the group spread over India & USA and move fast towards offerings clinical services. Our sincere endeavor invites world leader in this field to take advantage of our dedicated team of professionals for the best possible output. Our success will surely add to the prowess in our associates.

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