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Chemistry services from Dr. KPC Life Sciences:

At KPC Life Sciences, we are committed to providing scientifically sound and error-free services that contributes to our customers' success.
KPC Life Sciences has proven track record as a competent Contract Research Organization (CRO) in India since 2004. We provide a consistent, reliable and very high quality services with unparalleled customer support, technical back-up, guaranteed confidentiality and outstanding performance. We maximize the return on investment of our client by solving their problems through close co-operation in cost-effective price.

Our expertise in all aspects of synthetic and analytical chemistry includes the following:

Custom synthesis

At KPC Life Sciences, we handle the design and synthesis of biologically relevant heterocyclic systems through asymmetric synthesis, peptide chemistry and total synthesis of natural products. Our services include the following:

Custom Synthesis of Reference compounds

Custom Synthesis of Scaffolds

(Synthesis of starting materials those are not commercially available.  Synthesis of early and advanced intermediates following known literature procedures or designing a feasible route if no published route for the synthesis is available)
  • Custom Synthesis of Building blocks
        (Building blocks are the basic components for organic synthesis)
  • Custom Synthesis of Novel Reagents and Intermediates
  • Compounds for Metabolites studies
  • Peptide synthesis
(Peptides are synthesized by coupling the carboxyl group of one amino acid to the amino group of another amino acid molecule. Due to the possibility of unintended reactions, protecting groups are usually necessary. Chemical peptide synthesis most commonly starts at the carboxyl end of the peptide, and proceeds toward the amino-terminus. This is the opposite direction of protein biosynthesis.)

Synthesis of dye molecules

Medicinal Chemistry
Medicinal Chemistry is a major tool in drug discovery and widely used for clinical trials. At KPC Life Sciences, we go beyond routine organic synthesis. We offer hit-to-lead and lead optimization services to our pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients. We couple our expertise in tackling complex synthetic routes to biologically relevant compounds with our parallel synthesis/library generation capabilities to deliver efficient and cost-effective medicinal chemistry services to clients around the world.

Chemical profiling

We offer adapted analytical services for identification, quantification, screening and profiling of small molecules and macromolecules in a range of sample templates including plant, insect, animal and human tissues. With the help of HPLC and LCMS facilities, we can also provide services that include the determination of biomarkers and metabolite pathways, other bio product development, and screening for environmental contaminants and metabolites.

Library Chemistry Services

We offer a flexible means of producing high-quality, small- to medium- sized libraries. We understand that New Chemical Entities require new and flexible approach to produce novel building blocks, scaffolds and reference compounds. In the past few years, we have gained considerable experience in making over a hundreds molecule libraries in solid and solution phase for our clients. Parallel synthesis of focused libraries, are generated to meet client needs, for hit-to-lead, lead optimization.

Scale up (gram scale) Synthesis

We offer gram scale synthesis facilitates, the process research and development for the customers to manufacture their drug candidates more efficiently. We have a well-established gram scale laboratory for the synthesis of compounds in multi mg to grams level. During gram scale synthesis scientists always look for the cost effectiveness. The process optimizations at different batches are emphasized.

Process development

Process chemistry is the arm of pharmaceutical chemistry concerned with the development and optimization of a synthetic scheme and pilot plant procedure to manufacture compounds for the drug development phase. Process chemistry is distinguished from medicinal chemistry, which is the arm of pharmaceutical chemistry tasked with designing and synthesizing molecules on small scale in the early drug discovery phase.

Analytical Services

KPC Life Sciences has an in-house analytical department which is operated by experienced and qualified analytical professionals to assure the quality and purity of products. We are well equipped with 500Mz NMR, LC-MS/MS, HPLC, IR machines to meet the research and development challenges and maintain the quality of the samples specifications of our clients.

How we proceed with your request

The task is evaluated within a few days to provide you with a quote complemented by a synthetic scheme. The quote is calculated on the basis of the current FTE rate. We deliver detailed biweekly reports with expected delivery dates. Each project is treated under the confidentiality agreement.

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