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Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Details

Full-Time Equivalent Program in Chemistry and Biology:

KPC Life Sciences offers FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) services both in Chemistry and Biology field. Our highly experienced R & D team’s scientists are committed to deliver the highest quality and worth to our clients measured by efficiency, speed, problem solving and hands-on communication.

The FTE research programs have been benefitted from the team’s experiences and outstanding problems solving skills as well as state-of-the-art, sophisticated instruments for synthesis, purification and analysis. All FTE based projects are implemented under confidential agreements and to ensuring the complete confidentiality in all process and transactions, we continuously monitor laboratory note book, analytical data, and review of research of all the data. Our team interacts with the customer’s project management team via emails, conference calls and by-weekly reports, ensuring that we deliver a successful project on time or ahead of anticipation.


Benefit of KPC Life Sciences FTE services
  1. Our scientists will provide you in finding faster solutions for execute the project work.
  2. KPC Life Sciences offers broad range of services starting from synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry, molecular biology work, protein expression and purification etc.
  3. Project management is fully integrated ensuring maximum per FTE value.
  4. To ensure security of client data, we have developed our own process and IT systems.

We have given FTE services to the follwing Clients


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